Avocado Toast

Jazzing up your morning toast with smashed avocado, cucumber salsa, and a fried egg is a great way to give your breakfast a refreshing touch.

Does anybody really need a recipe for avocado toast? I mean it is smashed avocado over toast, right? Yes, but like tacos; it is always nice to have a few options to change things up.

There are countless ways to dress up your toast. From adding sliced tomatoes, or fresh fruit, to crumbled bacon and feta. You can even top your toast with beans, salsa, and ricotta. But if you want a super healthy and fresh topping you need to try having avocado toast with cucumber salsa and fried egg.

To bring the toast together use a heartier bread like rustic sourdough or 7-grain. Spread the toast with seasoned smashed avocado. A little salt and pepper are all you need. Spoon a tablespoon or two of the cucumber salsa diagonally over the toast and top with a sunny-side-up egg. Save the leftover salsa and use it later with some tortilla chips.

So incredibly fresh and delicious!

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