About Me

Hi! I’m Ella. Welcome to Farmhouse Kitchen. I am a self-proclaimed foodie who happens to have some mad cooking skills. I grew up eating in elegant restaurants during the week with my mother and at a scared farm table on the weekends with my dad. Today I marry the two concepts together. When I cook, the food I make celebrates the midwest farmers, their ingredients, history, and traditions. I take those ingredients and elevate them to the restaurant-quality dishes my mother taught me to appreciate. I embrace the farm-to-table philosophy. Of course, we just call it supper. (Dinner is supper in the country.) When I’m not cooking, I am traveling looking for delicious food. I love to find new foods and bring new concepts and techniques home from my travels. It is here that I share my dishes, menus, and recipes.   

About the Blog

I like to share the full meal in much the same way you would order it off the menu. You wouldn’t just order Pecan Crusted Fish. You would order prosecco poached jumbo lump crab over spiced pecan crusted fish, roasted corn, asparagus, grilled kale and melted leeks with whiskey spiked crushed corn cream (from Commanders Palace, New Orleans). Therefore, each post will lay out the full plate with sides, sauces, and garnishments. Feel free to use the blog as a weekly menu builder, or to find that special meal for that special dinner party. Use the categories to search by course, cooking times, or cuisine.

On a Personal Note

I live on a 20-acre farm in a beautiful old farmhouse built in the 1800s with my husband and a grumpy cat. We have two grown children that share our passion for food and travel. I can still occasionally talk them into packing up their families and taking a trip with me. Those are some of my favorite trips because then I get to try several different plates at dinner. I mean, I like their company too, but sampling four dishes. Yes, please!

I hope you enjoy the dishes and come back often to eat and travel with me. – Ella